Read Books

You can turn pages, add bookmarks or notes, and highlight text while you are reading Kindle books, just like with print books. Select a book in your library to start reading.

  • Change font size, background color, margins, columns, and reading location – Select the top of your screen to show the toolbar, and then select Aa.
  • Turn pages – Click or tap to the right side to go to the next page. Click or tap the left side to go to the previous page. You can also use the up/down or left/right arrows on your keyboard to navigate.
  • Show page number or location – While reading, click the page number or location at the bottom center of the page to toggle between showing page number or location.
  • Add a bookmark – Click or tap the Toggle bookmark toggle bookmark icon 
  • Go to different locations in the book – Select the top of your screen, and then:
    • Slide the progress bar forward or backward.
    • Click or tap the Book image of book icon 
				icon to move to different locations in your book, such as the beginning, table of contents, or specific pages.
  • Add highlights – Select a word or passage, and then select Highlight.
  • Add notes – Highlight a word or section, select Note, type your text, and then select Save. To see your notes, highlights and bookmarks, select the Notepad image of notepad icon 
			 icon from the top of the screen while reading.
  • Sync to the furthest page read – Hover at the top of the screen to show the toolbar, and then select the Synchronize image of sync icon 
			 icon to sync your last location read with your other Kindle devices or reading apps.
  • Search content– While reading, move your cursor to the top of the screen to see the search box. Enter a word or passage and click Enter to see locations in the book where the word appears. Make a selection from the search results to jump to other locations in the text.

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